First report from 2011


Our 2011 autumn tour was one of the best yet. We had 18 clients, all of whom were a pleasure to fly with and seemed to enjoy themselves as much as we did. The range of talents was broad. We had old hand Gavin McLurg come back and push the envelope, knocking off a variety of 100k flights and even an out-and-return vol-bivouac to the mountains above Manali with John. Then there was Dominic West, star of TV series The Wire, who arrived with his longest flight a 15-minute ridge soar over the green hills of Wiltshire, UK. Within two days he had logged a three-hour 35km epic in post-frontal combat thermals. It is amazing what can be done from Billing with modern gliders, the right attitude and - dare we say it - good guidance.

Wojtec in deep over the back

Dom and his latest group of fans

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