Most of the pictures in these albums were taken by Jim during HSS tours. Some were taken by others and some were taken between or before tours. The files have been resized for easy downloading - if you would like full size images email Jim on jim[at]khecari[dot]com.


Bir 2010

Some beautiful pictures (except for the one of Eddie) from Fred Gustaffson


Bir 2009

Jody Macdonald’s stunning portfolio of her trip with us in 2009 can be seen here.

Colin Hawke’s pictures from 2009 are here.

Pictures from our flight to Manali and back the next day are here.


Pick of Bir 2008 - 12 of the best.

Bir 2008 - 150 images.

Greg Walsh's video of one of his flights is here (HD) or here (low res).

Wojtek Wojcik's album is here.

Spring 2008 - 9 images from a high flight to Dharamsala and back

More of Jim Chu and Miha's photos (some of which are included in Bir 2008 above) can be found here.


Bir 2007

In autumn 2007 we were lucky enough to have Jerome Maupoint in Bir. He stayed at our camp and took some fantastic pictures. Here is a selection.

Mike Jardine's photos from 2007 are here.

Dave Tweedie's photos from 2007 are here.

A selection of Iain Smallwood's 2007 photos are here.


Some stills from the making of Temples in the Clouds are here.


Bir 2005 - 23 images.