Tandem Safari Testimonials

“Thank you all for your own contribution to a lovely time I had & experienced in India.
On the flying, a special Thank you to Dave whom made my flight all so comfortable and very very safe; Dave you are a truly good man and I  appreciate hugely & respect your safety checks and the safety feeling you portray, much appreciated.”

Russell Tyre HSS tandem passenger 2010

“An awesome, exhilarating and mind-blowing journey along the Himalayan mountain ranges of North West India....  camping amongst the million star canopy of the Himalayan sky in mid October and being served fine curry and cold beers by a burning fire is a truly memorable experience, made especially so by having been flown in by the experienced and professional pilots of Himalayan Sky Safaris.”

Sebastian Katkhuda HSS tandem passenger 2009

“A huge sense of freedom to be suspended above the Himalayas having total faith in my pilot, realising that I was safer in the sky than I was on the ground! I forgot all the pre-takeoff nerves and enjoyed every moment up there. The jedis of the Himalayan ski safari team - Jim, John, Eddie and Debu - are incredibly professional, thoughtful leaders that made every flight like it was the first...we stayed in some beautiful places on the safaris that for me have been banked as truly special moments...full moon frisbee, sunset cricket, whiskey around the campfire with a backdrop of the stunning Himalayan peaks and a lot of giggling!!!.............Jim is clever to fly in tandem with - a bit like what I imagine Batman is to Robin. He gives you a role to play - looking out for circling eagles that will  peacefully glide you into your next lift or shifting your weight to help turn in the thermals - that keeps you focused and distracted from any motion sickness that may arise. And as for landing: smooth as a baby’s bottom!”

Sophie Bolton HSS tandem passenger 2009

Also flying with us in 2009 was Thayer Walker, who wrote this piece on us for Outside magazine, the US’s biggest adventure magazine.