Tandem Paragliding

Take off at Billing
Photo: Jody MacDonald

Tandem paragliding involves an extra large paraglider to take the weight of both passengers (the weight range which a tandem can carry is typically 130-220kg - we can happily accommodate passengers who weigh from 40-120kg). The passenger has his or her own harness which is attached to the pilot’s harness and the paraglider by means of two triangular “spreader bars”, with the passenger and pilot hanging from the two lower points of the triangle and the paraglider attached to the apex. The pilot controls the glider by means of two brakes, in exactly the same manner as a solo paraglider. Tandem paragliders are slightly less manoeuvrable than solos, but their performance is just as good and they are designed to be extremely safe and forgiving.

Himalayan Griffin Vulture (HGV) escort

Once in the air the pilot hunts out thermals in which to gain height in order to glide to the next destination, which may be another thermal or a landing zone. In this way flights of several hours’ duration and hundreds of kilometres in distance can be achieved.

Paragliding requires only a reasonable amount of physical fitness and the same is true of flying as a passenger on a tandem. You may be required to run a few steps at take off and landing; once in the air you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. But we do like you to get involved - by shifting your weight to one side or the other you can help the glider turn in thermals and by spotting birds or other gliders climbing you can help the pilot find lift.

Photo: Jerome Maupoint

A small minority of passengers experiences motion sickness. There are a few tricks to help you overcome this, but if you are particularly susceptible there is always the HSS brown paper bag!

Take off at Phooladhar
Photo: Jody MacDonald

We will provide you with a helmet, but you should bring warm gloves, warm clothes and a decent pair of walking boots. Re the clothes, we recommend a down jacket (which will come in handy in the evenings too) and windproof overtrousers.

You will need comprehensive travel insurance, including cover for emergency repatriation, and paragliding must be specified among the activities to be undertaken during your trip. We can advise on suitable insurance companies.