Past expedition members’ testimonials and trip summaries

2014 Parasur is now firmly on the HSS map and Chamunda was visited.
Bir to 360 over the back2BirParasharBir
Bob Saville started the tour with a little cloud flying however soon realised that advice was better followed and put Eddie through his paces finding new routes back from the Diggly Dhar.
Bob Saville “
Thanks for a great time in Bir, the experience was the best. I will come again”.

Greg returned for his 5th trip so we must be doing something right and he’s becoming very knowledgeable of the area.
Greg Walsh made some films about it:

Sam Clark and David Hill enjoyed racing Eddie and John. Sam went on to get some site records in his part of Oz beating our old friend and client Bruce Marks existing one. Dave and Sam’s friendly competiveness and banter was great to share and Sam’s tenacity on the return from Parasur was wonderful.
Beny and Pete added the Himalayas to their portfolio of flown sites culminating in a great flight for Beny and Peter conquered many of his fears.
Ane and Inger had a lovely time giggling up with Dean and Dave. see their film diary
Joao and Faisal both flew a blinders reaching all their current goals, I’m sure to be hearing some exciting stories from him someday from South America and worldwide.
Early in the tour
Ed Bewley did a first for HSS clients landing on at high on Dauladhar at Chamunda temple, shame that by the end of the tour he was perfecting tree landings learning the need for speed the hard way, no damage to anything more than pride though.

IMG_7483The gang giggling up ready for adventure
IMG_7458 Eddie Chasing Silvester on a day off!
I’m sure he’s there somewhere.
IMG_7460 The high road to Manali

2013 Was great for HSS. Although the weather was a little slow to start but that was the only problem during our stay. Even with the pre pwc the site did not seem too crowded. And we loved our trips to Dahramsala, 360, Parasar and Manali. More exploration was achieved in the Brahmour vicinity and a vol biv/hotel tour was borne. More details on our site here

Mark Gilthorpe from being a 20 hr pilot became someone who nearly made Dahramsala
Hi guys!  Hope you are having fun and the comp isn’t proving to be too busy and getting in the way at all.  I had a fab time with you all and wanted to say thanks for the great company and all.  Looking forward to next time we fly together.  Take good care.  Mark

Chris Seals published some of his experiences to his
blog summarised here : ”Thank you for a great safari enjoyed it very much and learnt loads too.”

Greg Walsh had a great third trip and is now planning his fourth for 2014. These are Greg’s thoughts after numerous 4hr+ flights within a 50kms radius of Bir. ”
I’m thinking of Bir again in October. I still need to fly to Manali and a bit more of a circuit over the high passes sounds like fun.
Personally I never get bored of flying around Bir, there are so many horizons and even the shorter journeys can be done at multiple heights and therefore routes.

2012 was a very mixed experience. Some incredible flights were achieved but there was also tragedy. Long term pilot and friend Stein died whilst flying on 5000m Tumsur Peak. The support of the flying community helped us all through .

2011 was fantastic. Here is what Gavin McClurg thought:
Hats off to Himalayan Sky Safaris for an EPIC 10 days in Bir, India. Ticked all the boxes I wanted to tick. Flying the new Niviuk Artik 3 got three 100+ km days, flight to Manali over the back. Biv vol at 3500 meters with John Silvester ("Birdman of the Karakoram") and some very healthy shepherd dogs in WAY sub zero temps (thank god for FIRE!), then a flight back the next day at 5200 meters in strong air and seriously insane surroundings. Holy exposure! This place is just amazing and the boys at Himalayan put on a hell of a trip. Kudos and thank you.

2010 was a tricky year for all in Bir. First we had to contend with the state government banning paragliding after they misunderstood an order from Delhi about security during the Commonwealth Games. After a few days of diplomacy and dealing with red tape in the government offices in Dharamsala, Jim got the ban lifted, only to be confronted with unusually poor weather. Mind you, bad weather in Bir still meant that our clients got to fly their quota of seven days out of ten and we made the most of what was on offer.

Here is what Mark Remnant had to say about the trip

once again like to thank you for a great few weeks that I had. It was never going to be easy trying to decide what is best with the ban imposed and with flying conditions that were not favorable in comparison to what you have had in the past. I really do think that you put on a good trip and great decisions were made and all 5 guides worked fantastic together and I would like to thank each one of you for your expertise. You are all great people and glad to spend time and have a laugh with you. Given the right conditions, I could have learnt so much more both as a free-flyer and has a competition pilot, but honestly do not think I could have learnt more than I did with you guys in the circumstances. Brilliant.

My highlight of the trip was certainly going over the back. I loved that. Such a shame that I did not get any footage on my GoPro to relive the experience, and the fact that my pulsating ring-piece stopped me from grabbing my camera, but the mental images will last forever. Fantastic.

Fiona and Angus Macaskill dropped us a line too:

Just to say thanks to all of you for giving us a great trip - memorable and fun.

Colin Hawke’s 2009 Blog

Photo: Jody MacDonald

Greg Walsh (2008):

“In short, we flew every day for 10 days in a row. It was easy. The guiding was excellent. Shortest flight was 1.5 hours and longest 5 hours. Distances were 20-40km out and returns (40-80km round trip). I landed in the landing paddock every day. There were several occasions where we had to remind ourselves that it was all real and not something out of a travelling paraglider's fantasy.”

Photo: Jody MacDonald

Mike Jardine (2007):

“I had the best flying of my life in a wonderful location with three skygods - Jim, John and Eddie - providing great company, guidance and inspiration. Coupled with the whole Indian experience, it should be the ambition of every free flyer to get out to Bir with these guys. Unmissable.”

Richard Barber (2007):

“The best experience of my paragliding career.”

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